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About usConsultant, Project Manager,
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PROJAGRO provides a full range of services from decision-making support based on feasibility studies, to the construction of your food processing plant.

What is our work approach?Our quality process  

Our food processing and building industry experts conduct an audit, allowing you to define your short, medium or long-term strategy.

We offer an all-encompassing, multi-disciplinary approach that takes account of process, fluid, and building-related data enabling us to recommend the optimal choice, such as: restoration, extension or a new plant.

Our engineers can advise you on any questions you may have relating to your food processing building. We will assist you in handling processes to obtain certifications, labels and qualifications.

Within the framework of a preliminary study, our expertise will enable you to assess your project schedule, backed by a budget estimate and functional diagram. This study will serve as a decision-making tool for your future investment.

Our project managers design your plant taking into account food industry, town planning and environmental standards. We optimise your energy consumption and are proactive in generating value from your by-products.

We compile administrative files such as those relating to building permits, files on listed buildings and licences. Generally, the most relevant department for your type of business activity is called on to assist you (for example, our veterinary department for abattoirs).

Quality remains our absolute priority:

when submitting proposals for contracting companies, we provide comparisons, always remaining mindful of technical and financial optimisation. We draft agreements on your behalf. As a specialised consulting firm, we are able to recommend the companies best placed to handle your requirement.

If you choose us to deliver a turnkey building, we will select only experienced, qualified companies for you. These companies must strictly adhere to our specifications.

We handle all aspects relating to the administrative management of the work site.

For contracting work, we verify, on your behalf, the technical and financial standing of the companies concerned.

Our years of experience mean that our work site foremen understand all of your food processing constraints. Requiring exacting standards from selected companies, they guarantee you premium-quality food processing finishes.

Entrusting the project management or general contracting of your project to Projagro Ingénierie ensures you benefit from professional expertise.

Our project methodology is based on strict adherence to deliverables during each phase of the project: the feasibility study and execution phases. Implementation of a quality record sheet enables us to anticipate and resolve instances of non-compliance early on in the process.

It is our duty to be present when taking delivery of particular project items, and to ascertain whether agreements have been honoured.  Finally, we check completed work sites to ensure compliance.

Present for industrial commissioning, we provide a guarantee on finalisation of the building for a period of one year.

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And what about ecology?Our green approach  

We design sustainable factories in a high-quality environmental approach

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