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What services do we provide?Our core business activities

Abattoir and meat products

A deli meat manufacturer located in an Overseas French territory was able to renovate its 20-year-old factory without any production stops.

This renovation project spared the manufacturer from having to build, in the short term, a new facility with significant land- and building-related costs.

PROJAGRO studied and implemented a very detailed schedule for the renovation works.

The outcome: in-depth feasibility studies and extensive collaboration with the client enabled PROJAGRO to optimise their investment, while also ensuring adherence to health and regulatory requirements.

Flavourings and food ingredients

PROJAGRO took on a project management role for an international group for the construction of a “global” head office (4,000m² of office space), the extension of its production area (6,000m²), a state-of-the-art technology centre (1,800m²) and an underground waste water treatment plant (600m²).
PROJAGRO also assisted its client through the input it provided for its European sites.


A major player in the trade of organic and fair trade products wanted to build a chocolate factory on its Southwest France site in order to better control the production of its tablets while respecting organic traceability, as well as R & D on his products.

PROJAGRO carried out a preliminary design study for the construction of an evolutionary unit with a view to short- and medium-term tonnage growth.

This unit is associated with a reception area for the public, combining a visit gallery of the chocolate factory, a product information area and a sales store.

The project also included the extension of storage warehouses, as well as new offices.

Bakeries and patisseries

To make the move from craftsman level to industrial level, a baker called on PROJAGRO to design and develop his new tool.
Our teams assisted in advising this client on their choice of property.
We calculated the dimensions of, and designed the future premises for this client in a scalable manner.
We integrated into the design the client’s decision to conserve his existing process.
Our study envisaged the size of the building to suit its future processing.
Our client entrusted their entire project to us as a General Contractor.
This turnkey project enabled him to focus on his core business activity.
Our client benefited from being able to draw on our building expertise.

Central kitchen

One of the leaders in the catering industry appointed PROJAGRO to restructure its kitchens in the Paris region.

On the strength of this partnership, the client asked us to design and manage the construction of their new central kitchen in the Lyon region.

This 3,000m² facility includes a kitchen with a capacity of 20,000 meals/day, offices, locker rooms and a staff canteen.

Chocolate and Sweet Manufacturer

PROJAGRO has managed a variety of construction projects for a chocolate manufacturer at their premises:

  • Restructuring of coating and moulding workshops in several successive stages (10,000m²), while the site remained in operation.
  • Design of a washing facility for the moulds.
  • Establishment of a factory shop for direct sales to individuals.
  • Reinforcement of building structures for the installation of a sprinkler system without stopping production
  • Reconstruction, within a record six-month time frame, of a storage warehouse for finished products (13,000 m²) destroyed by a fire.

Vat room, distillery and bottling facility

A key company in Beaune trusted PROJAGRO to rebuild a newly-acquired vat room:

  • Construction of a “red” cellar with a 2,500 hl capacity including the installation of a wooden vault conveying a strong architectural image.
  • Construction of a “white” cellar with a 4,500 hl capacity on supported slabs owing to the presence of a vaulted cellar lying beneath it. The vats were hauled through the roof by crane before the roof frame and covering were put back into place.
  • Creation of a personalised welcome area and a tasting room on the upper floor.
  • Establishment of new technical facilities and a barrel-making facility housed within existing buildings.

Fruits and vegetables

Master plans provide a global view of a particular project from a technical, administrative, financial and architectural perspective.

That is why a producer and processor of fresh fruit from the Rhône Valley called on PROJAGRO to assist with their decision to transfer their business activity which encompassed:

> Needs analysis
> Proposal with different scenarios
> Development of the selected solution

Plant oil mill

For the market leader in food oils in France (sunflower, rapeseed and other oil products), PROJAGRO carried out an all-encompassing project management task for the design and construction of a new 13,950m² bottling site as follows:

Production:  7,150m²
> Power across three levels:  850m²
> Storage: 3,450m²
> Offices – Staff areas: 2,500m²

Technical characteristics:

> All buildings were constructed on piles sunken 22 meters with supported slabs.
> Establishment of an underground “honeycomb” storage structure for the retention of 770 cubic meters of rainwater.

PROJAGRO collaborates on a regular basis with the group’s internal engineering departments. Our project team adapts to the organisation concerned. We provide specific expertise while integrating the selected methodology.

PROJAGRO advises, designs and manufactures plants for international groups in France and abroad.

Dairy and cheese making factory

A leader in this market in Corsica approached us with a problem they were facing.
After considering a number of different possible solutions, Projagro suggested a scalable concept for its premises and process: an extension of the premises to house new processes and the restructuring of existing premises for other functions.
Projagro recommended “hygiene” air treatment specific to the cheese industry.
The company’s local architectural image was affirmed through its management of the execution phase, with Projagro successfully bringing together local and other companies according to their specific areas of expertise.
The client also entrusted its technical and economic files to Projagro for handling subsidy requests.


PROJAGRO’s know-how extends to the development of retail outlets.

A high-end fishmonger from the Paris region commissioned us to design and build their retail outlet, including fitting out filleting facilities and those catering for hot and cold preparations.

Caterer and meat delicatessen

To support the development of an innovative player in the frozen canapés sector, PROJAGRO successfully brought together several different skills:

  • Construction as a General Contractor for a 620m² negative cold room, a factory outlet and a new cloakroom/sanitary building
  • Project management for the extension and restructuring of the kitchen area during the summer plant shut down period.

PROJAGRO remained responsive to ensure substantial planning constraints were met. Our teams committed to meeting deadlines and remaining within budget.